Wilford parasites are sentient, parasitic body parts of Wilford Brimley, created after his deification.

History Edit

These parasites were spawned by Wilford when he became a god, spreading on to every building and road across Paris, rendering the city uninhabitable. At the time of Frollo Finally Does It, Mormon Jesus had traveled to Paris and collected several specimens. With this, he researched the parasites' capabilities, pouring his time into his goal of infecting several victims protesting against Wilford to become a god himself.

Effects Edit

Wilford parasites are adaptive to any object and any being. When a parasite successfully merges with the host, the host maintains its physical form (with the parasite leeching on), but any control of the host is gone, possibly being controlled by the corrupter instead. With more parasites latching onto the victim, the more this corruption takes effect. The only known cure for those parasites is a blue-colored antidote, usually filled in a syringe; when used, the parasite shrivels and falls apart, dying.

Characters infected by Wilford parasites Edit

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