The Wilford cloud is a semi-major antagonist in Frollo Finally Does It. It appears as a cloud of smoke with Wilford Brimley's face, and it can be assumed that Wilford created it along with his clones. It appears to be Wilford's second-in-command. The cloud is capable of shapeshifting into different manifestations.

In part 4 of Frollo Finally Does It, right after Frollo walks away after he mercy killed Lemongrab, the Wilford cloud manifests over the horizon and dares Frollo's allies to come towards it. Later, the invisible Wilford cloud is carrying Panty Anarchy hostage. As Stocking tries to fly towards her, she gets overpowered by the cloud, who manifests into gaseous form and tells her that her loved ones will die, and kicks her to a massive maw. Gwonam and the other heroes save her and advance towards the cloud, which swells to a massive size and also holds them hostage.

After it teleports the heroes onto theater seats, it takes Panty back to World Taste. It seems to have an amiable relationship with Wilford, as the latter calls it "[his] best friend", and the two are seen performing a Bros Pose together. It is also seen hosting "The Wilford Brimley Show" to the clones.

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