Wilford clones

Three Wilford clones behind Adal Ramones and Haruhi Suzumiya.

Wilford clones are copies of Wilford Brimley created by him to fight Frollo and his friends.

Types of ClonesEdit


The Wilford clone with a suit and top hat.

There appear to be at least four types of Wilford clones. The ones seen throughout the majority of Frollo Finally Does It Part 1 look identical to the original Wilford before his ascension to godhood. Another one, who behave exactly the same as the previous clones, wore a suit and a top hat. Defeating it stopped the spawning of Wilfords for a while, implying it is of a higher rank. The third appears towards the end of that episode. It is a much more monstrous-looking Wilford clone. It vaguely resembles an octopus made up of Wilford heads. Finally, a flying variant appears during Frollo's perspective of the story, with wings and feet made out of Wilford heads.

Most creepiest Wilford shit ever

Wilford octopus

The clones are able to exist on different planes of reality as well. These planes are only accessible by breaking Madotsuki's psyche.

Powers and AbliltiesEdit

Wilford Clones usually fight at close quarters using hand to hand combat. However, they appear to be significantly weaker than the original Wilford, even before the original became godlike, as characters who have had trouble fighting the original are able to kill the clones with relative ease.

The Clones are also able to open their mouths whole enough to cover their faces, in order to prey on a victim furiously.

The Wilford Octopus is a much more dangerous Clone. It has multiple limbs, which are fast to both move and react, and are strong enough to immobilize Frollo and interrupt Marco Antonio Regil's A CAR attack. It is unharmed by soft attacks and was only defeated by the collapse of a mountain into him.

It also seems to be able to stop certain abilities from being performed around him, such as Frollo's Teleport.

A Wilford Bird clone appears in Frollo's Story. It is shown to be the most powerful clone to have appeared yet in the series, as Frollo's friends appear to be losing to it by the time Frollo arrives.

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