Tommy Wiseau
"Anything for my Frollo!" *laughs*


Real Life, The Room (2003, based on Johnny)



Power Level

  • Unknown (Regular form)
  • 11500 (Tuxedo Form)



Bro(s) / Sista(s)


First Appearance

Frollo Strikes Back

Latest Appearance

Death - Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita
Flashback - Frollo Finally Does It

Originally Portrayed by

Tommy Wiseau™


Dead (But not fehd up with dis wooorhld)

Thomas Pierre "Tommy" Wiseau is the infamous star/executive producer/writer/producer/director of the cult so-bad-it's-good film, The Room, where he played as Johnny. He appears in The Frollo Show as an early ally.


Tommy is very simple-minded, and often what he says does not contribute to the plot. However, Tommy is a very kind-hearted and well-meaning person, despite his stupidity.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Tommy can throw footballs and water bottles, and can also use his counter "Untouchable", where he yells "Don't tauch me, mautherfuhker!" and pushes the opponent away.

Tommy has an ultimate form where he puts on his tuxedo, allowing him to fly, have his footballs be stronger, and having his power level reach 11500.

Appearance Edit

Tommy is usually described as a "French zombie", mostly due to his pretty unappealing face and long, greasy black hair. He wears a black muscle shirt under a dark grayish-blue jacket, along with white cargo pants and black shoes. In his ultimate form, he wears a tuxedo to become stronger and/or play football.



Mark is Tommy's best friend and bro. They are shown to be fighting together on every occasion they get. Despite Mark betraying him in The Room, they still remain best friends (as that most likely isn't canon) 

Mark did not take Tommy's death well. 


Tommy likes Frollo and wants to hang out with him any chance he gets, but Frollo sees him as a nuisance and he usually yells "Get out, you idiot" whenever he's around. Tommy fights for Frollo on occasion, and tries to comfort him at his party in Frollo Celebrates his Birthday.

Nicolas CageEdit

During the events of Leet Fighters 6, Cage called Tommy for backup to fight and arrest E. Honda and Dee Jay, implying they know each other. At the end of the episode, we see them of them taking Dee Jay to a cell, and the episode's Bros Pose features the two.


  • Tommy is the only character from The Room to be referred to by his actor, and not his character's name (I.E. Mark, Denny, Lisa, Claudette, Peter and Chris-R). However, Mark (or Greg Sestero) refers to Tommy as Johnny.
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