The Meaning of Life is a large robot operated and built by Yzma.

History Edit

This robot makes its first appearance in Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita, when Yzma bursts through the wall and surprises Kronk. When Yzma insults Kronk's cooking, an angered Kronk knocks her out of the same hole she burst in, causing her to fall. The robot survives, allowing Yzma to fight some more.

After Wilford Brimley reveals his own plan of betraying Los no Frollos, Yzma joins Frollo's team and pilots the mech to fight Wilford and his twisted creations.

Powers and abilities Edit

The Meaning of Life can use its jet boosters to fly. One of its attacks involves taking advantage of its size to trample smaller enemies beneath its foot. It can also morph its hands into buzzsaws that it can throw.

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