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Spartacus: Blood and Sand



Power Level



Allies, Los no Frollos (Formerly)

Bro(s) / Sista(s)


First Appearance

Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita

Latest Appearance

Frollo Finally Does It

Originally Portrayed by

Andy Whitfield



Spartacus is the main protagonist of the TV series Spartacus Blood and Sand. He appears as an ally and former enemy in The Frollo Show.


Spartacus is a gladiator serving under the dominus Quintus Lentulus Batiatus, obeying the lanista's orders. He appears to have a heart for his allies, whom he calls his brothers.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

With his physical prowess, Spartacus is a master swordsman, wielding two blades at a time. He has also used an axe once when he threw one to kill Umlaut. He can leap in a single bound towards his opponent to attack, usually requiring someone as a boost.


Spartacus appears to have a slightly muscular and scarred body, with short brown hair, a small mustache, and a stubble. He gains a scar on his left cheek from Leonidas' spear. His attire consists of shoulder pads, arm bands, large boots, a pair of tight shorts, and sometimes a leather cuirass or gladiatorial armor that covers his top half and part of his lower half.


Quintus Lentulus BatiatusEdit

Batiatus is Spartacus' trainer, and Spartacus is brainwashed to kill Frollo and his allies. Spartacus later defects from Los no Frollos after Batiatus gets slaughtered by Stocking and Madotsuki, free from the lanista's control.


When Spartacus is brainwashed, he tries to attack Frollo, but Leonidas threw a spear to distract him, stating that he "threatened [his] people with death". After Spartacus is free from Batiatus' grasp, they seem to get along.


As evidenced by a flashback, Guile was another fellow brother and gladiator, and feeling the need to save the colonel, Spartacus tosses an axe at Umlaut, who prepares to chomp Guile's face off.

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