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Ronald McDonald
"You can't end this nightmare...but it can end you!"


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Ronald McDonald is the creepy clown mascot of the Japanese McDonald's TV commercials, appearing as a villain in The Frollo Show.


Ronald always has a cheery expression on his face. The expression could mean that he likes entertaining his audience or making people's lives miserable, mostly the latter. He appeared to be a member of The Arabian Bros in Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents, but the events in Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita appear to disprove this, and that he may be working on his own.

He is a lot more brutal in his return in Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita. His sadistic personality is more evident, as when instead of killing Panty Anarchy when he had the chance, he disabled her and tried to tempt Frollo into taking advantage of her condition for his own lust. He is depicted as a corrupter once again in Frollo Finally Does It, where he tries to make Frollo hate his friends for abandoning him. It seems that he has some mysterious interest in Frollo, as he has rescued him from difficult situations several times, often without even revealing himself. It can be theorized that his ultimate goal may be to have Frollo fall into villainy. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ronald is definitely the trickiest foe Frollo has faced. Ronald excels in speed both defensively and offensively. He can dodge bullets, knock weapons out of opponents' hands, and mash them to a pulp thanks to his speed. Zombies like Ayumu Aikawa are weak against him. To make matters worse, Gameshark is unable to save Frollo from clown attacks (Ronald states that he's a main character clown), and angelic weapons have zero effect on him. He also claims that he can't be truly defeated by mutilation, and that he is capable of recovering from such events.

During one of the wrong answer videos of Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita, Ronald himself appeared to reveal to the viewer that the appearances of the Vegan Police, Nostalgia Critic, Samuel L. Jackson and Mario were in fact illusions generated by him, indicating that he merely ditched his fight against Frollo and Ayumu during Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents. For what exact reason is still unknown, although it may be because he enjoys to sadistically play around with the hero. His ability to summon illusions is given more screentime in Frollo Finally Does It.

In Leet Fighters, it's revealed that he has a ghastly powered-up form that isn't seen onscreen.


Ronald is a clown with white-painted skin and a medium-sized red afro. He wears a yellow vest and yellow pants, a red-and-white striped shirt, striped socks, and large red shoes.

Role in the Frollo ShowEdit

Ronald makes his first apperance in Frollo Beats Up Evil ResidentsFrollo and Ayumu Aikawa meet him upon entering the "Big Top" section of CarnEvil. Frollo attempts to use Gameshark to defeat the clown, but Ronald informs them that as a main character clown, he is immune to Gameshark. Ayumu's abilities have no effect on Ronald, who then proceeds to wail on Frollo mercilessly. Frollo is only saved by the impromptu intervention of the Nostalgia Critic, who brought the Burger King with a Steakhouse Burger Blaster. One shot from the bazooka was enough to defeat McDonald.

Ronald did not appear again until Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita. His return demonstrates him being just as sadistic as before. While Hades is battling Bison, Hades calls to Scanty for assistance. However, before she can shoot Bison, McDonald knocks Scanty away, and moments later hits Bison. McDonald declares his return. He then takes flight and tackles Panty Anarchy out of the sky during her battle with Wilford Brimley. Panty's angel weapons didn't work on McDonald, who then beat her brutally. After breaking her hope, as he put it, he was stabbed in the back by Frollo. After twisting his head backwards, he told Frollo that Panty's disabled body was his birthday present. Frollo was tempted, but ultimately decided that it was wrong, and proceeded to mutilate the clown. McDonald, however, claimed that no matter how badly he was damaged he would return even angrier. He can also be seen for a split second during the scene when Hans Frollo avoids being impaled on the spike on the Internet Celeb Entrance in Hell. Right before Hans lands, he can be found retreating behind a wall. Ronald also makes a special appearance if the viewer chooses one of the wrong answers (C1-A4-L3-O2-F1-D2-O3-G4) to Stocking's third question at the end of the episode. There, it is revealed that he controlled illusions of the Nostalgia Critic, Samuel L. Jackson and Hotel Mario, all of whom aided Frollo in his fight against the Arabian Bros in Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents, implying that Ronald threw his match with Frollo and Ayumu at the Big Top in CarnEvil. 

Another similar appearance occurs in Frollo Finally Does It. During the scene where Hades is fighting some Wilford clones and before he calls The Demon Sistas to assist him, there is an annotation link to a separate video, Frollo Finally Does It - Revelations, where it is shown that the Vegan Police, who stopped Wilford in Frollo Misses his Mother, were also an illusion.

Trivia Edit

  • Ronald McDonald's illusions seem to have become for Chincherrinas a useful method for explaining some of the most silly, plot-irrelevant moments found earlier on in the series.
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