Since the release of Bores Reviews Undertale, Patreon Shout-Outs refer to characters saying the names of patrons who have donated to Chincherrinas' Patreon page. These segments are usually found at the end of the video. The first few patrons will have their names said, then the rest will appear as the last character that appears thanks them. The characters that appear will vary depending on the video; if a patron gives a certain amount of donations, he or she can ask to be named with a character of their choice, even if they never appeared in any of chin's videos. The shout-outs appear to be the successor to the Character Sign-Offs.

Videos with Patreon Shout-Outs Edit

Bores Reviews Undertale Edit

In order of appearance:

Bores Reviews The Room Edit

Wiseau then ends the segment by saying, "And at the same time, I would say thank you to all the fans."

Frollo Finally Does It (Friends Story) Edit

Mephiles then ends the segment with "I owe much to you guys!"

Smash Bros Lawl Reawakens! Edit

The King then ends the segment with "Mah bois, you rule!"