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Nicolas Cage is a famous American actor, known to star in a lot of bad movies, like Vampire's Kiss and the 2006 remake of The Wicker Man. He makes a cameo as a zombie in Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents part 2, but truly debuts in Leet Fighters, as Guile's high school teacher.


Like in most of his movie performances, Cage tends to snap and yell with little cause, like asking what 3 divided by 2 equals to. He is, however, willing to help others if he sees they need to (he's both a teacher and a cop after all). He does this in a quite over-the-top way, too.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He has not been shown to have many powers, other than using his shouting as a weapon (as evidenced by one of the pictures in the credits of Leet Fighters 6) and a gun. He can also fight decently, at least paired up with Tommy Wiseau.


Cage is usually shown to have short hair, and a bit balding. He usually wears a suit, with a white shirt and a tie, and black pants and shoes.



Cage is Guile's high school teacher. In this aspect, he seems to like him as much as his other students. When he saw Guile mourning Bison's death, he offered to help him out, since he is a cop (Guile was skeptical about this, much to Cage's desperation).

Tommy WiseauEdit

Cage had Wiseau's phone number, meaning that they at least know and get along ok. When Nicolas called him for backup, Wiseau was quick to react and help him out. They have a Bros Pose in the end of Leet Fighters 6, too.

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