Mama Lufti
Mama Lufti
"That's Mama Lufti to you , Mahbub!"


The Frollo Show



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First Appearance

Frollo Tries to Get Laid

Latest Appearance

Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents



Mama Lufti is the Arabian cousin of Mama Luigi. He appears in The Frollo Show as an enemy of The Arabian Bros.


Mama Lufti is pretty much the same as Mama Luigi except he wants to be evil and is Arabian. He is the laughing stock of the Arabian Bros.


Mama Lufti is small, has a large nose, green eyes, a black moustace, a blue sweater, brown shoes, white gloves, green overalls with yellow buttons and a white keffiyeh.


He's main weapon is his child, the Arabian Yoshi, the bazooka. Sadly, it is only equipped with one missile.


The Arabian BrosEdit

Mama Lufti admires The Arabian Bros and wants to join their organization. However, Achmed Frollo insultingly calls Lufti a huge stereotype. He goes against The Arabian Bros and shoots a missile at Genie Jafar's face.


He is the brother of Mahbub, the Arabian Mario.

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