"You are now my bitch!"


The Emperor's New Groove (2000)



Power Level




Bro(s) / Sista(s)

Yzma (Formerly), Gaston

First Appearance

Frollo Tries to Get Laid

Latest Appearance

Frollo Finally Does It

Originally Voiced by

Patrick Warburton



Kronk is the idiotic but lovable character from The Emperor's New Groove. He was a former enemy to Frollo and Gaston in The Frollo Show. He's now an ally.


Kronk is actually very kind despite being a assistant to the villainous Yzma. He is slow though and is very air-headed. He also likes weed.

Although he knows when to be rational, he doesn't take kindly to anyone who hates his spinach puffs.


Kronk is a chef. We would say that he is a great chef, however only Hitler has ate his food in The Frollo Show and he didn't seem to like it (Even with Führer Sauce). However, he was the head chef in Frollo Celebrates His Birthday, so Frollo must at least like it. He can fight well with a plate too, which is his main weapon. He carries a lot of them for fighting.


Kronk is tall and large with tan skin, long black hair, brown eyes and a large chin. His clothes consist of a tight blue singlet, a purple dress, a lighter purple belt, brown sandals and gold accessories and a cool gold yarmulke. He can also be seen with a apron and kitchen mittens in Frollo Celebrates His Birthday.



As in the movie, He is Yzma's partner in Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents and Frollo is Too Young, however, after Yzma is banished into the sewers, he becomes good friends with Frollo and Gaston.

Frollo and GastonEdit

He was originally enemies with Frollo and Gaston (although he admittedly liked the show), but after bonding over porn and M&M's, they become good allies. Kronk also tries to teach them Squirrelese, which Frollo outright deems lame. Kronk later helps fight off Marco Antonio Regil in "Frollo Enters a Mexican Contest" and is the head chef in Frollo Celebrates His Birthday at Frollo's party. 

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