Joseph Goebbels
"That KFC Bucket is not an illusion and everyone loves it!"


Downfall, Hitler Rants



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Fatally Fabulously Fegelein Find and Fuck-up Fellowship

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First Appearance

Frollo Gets Interrupted by Hitler

Latest Appearance

Frollo Finally Does it (The PITy Story

Originally Portrayed by

Ulrich Matthes



Joseph Goebbels is the Nazi minister of propaganda of the Third Reich hailing from Downfall and its gag-subbed parodies, appearing as a minor villain in The Frollo Show.


Goebbels is portrayed as a stereotypical stupid minion of the Fatally Fabulously Fegelein Find and Fuck-up Fellowship, but he believes he's very capable. He is Hitler's professional butt-kisser, thinking that he deserves the credit.

Appearance Edit

Goebbels has pale wrinked skin and a skull-like deformity for a face. He wears a yellow uniform with a Swastika armband on his left arm.

Relationships Edit

Hitler Edit

Goebbels is the minion of Hitler. He appears to be Hitler's professional butt-kisser, stating that he is "by far his favorite", even though Hitler treats him with little respect.

Alfred JodlEdit

Goebbels has a poor relationship with Jodl, as the two often bicker on who's the better minion, and they blame each other for their schemes failing.

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