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Garry, Madotsuki, Yomika

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Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents

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Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita



Ib is the titular character of her own freeware horror adventure game of the same name. She appears in the Frollo Show as an ally to Frollo and his friends and possibly the cutest thing you have ever seen.


Ib never says a word, but she is a very brave and caring young girl in the field of battle.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Ib is agile and has quick reflexes. She can place paintings which can act as teleporters, bombs with a green vapor-like effect and sentient and aggresive creatures known as the 'Ladies in Red'. She also wields a big, thorny rose that she uses very skillfully like a sword.

Her strongest attack is "Treasure Hunt" where she teleports her opponent to the Fabricated world, where the opponent has to find a key randomly placed inside a large amount of dolls, while a giant doll of the same appearance climbs out of a painting; if it reaches the opponent, they automatically lose. This is based off of a scene from Ib where Garry has to do the same thing.


Redesigned Ib fighting Batiatus.


Ib is a small 9-year old girl with brown eyes, long brown hair, a white collared shirt, a red ascot and a red dress, along with black long socks and red shoes.

During her battle with Batiatus, Ib's appearance changes to her in-game artwork, formerly her sprites in gameplay.



Like in the game, Ib and Garry have a very strong friendship, neither of them want to see each other get harmed in any way. Garry usually gives Ib a scolding if she tries to do something dangerous, such as battling Corset in his muscular form.

When Garry gets murdered by Batiatus in Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita, Ib is greatly angered and uses all of her power to avenge his death.

Madotsuki, Yomika, and IreneEdit

In the earlier episodes of the show, Ib was usually seen hanging out with Madotsuki and Yomika, and it wasn't until Frollo Has a Bad Feeling where she is seen with Irene.


  • Ib is the first character that is a child to be killed of in the show.
  • Ib's art change marks the first time in the Frollo show that a character's appearance has switched to a different source.
  • Ib was first introduced onto Chincherrinas' channel with her own Super Smash Bros Lawl moveset. Shortly after this she appeared in the show.
  • According to Scanty and Kneesocks' chart they have on all of Frollo's allies (as seen in Frollo Fucks the Gods) they think that Ib is fashionable. This may be a reference to a line in Ib where Garry points out that she has good fashion.
  • Because her, Madotsuki, and Yomika were the only RPG Maker characters in the show, (Until Garry and Irene debuted), they were seen hanging out.
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