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Frollo Reads Mein Kampf

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Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita

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Hans Frollo is the German cousin of Frollo, debuting in The Frollo Show as a loyal servant of Hitler, but not necessarily evil. Quite the opposite.


Hans Frollo is a Nazi scientist who is highly intelligent, seeing that he is the producer of numerous potions. Despite being a Nazi, Hans would never dare harm his family willingly, much like his mother taught him about.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hans, through his intelligence, produces numerous potions, such as revival potions, aging potions, and diabeetus-power restoration potions. Like the rest of Frollo's family, Hans is skilled in flight and pyrokinesis. His weapon of choice is an MP40. Hans is a polyglot; he can speak English fluently as much as he can speak his native language.


Hans has the exact same appearance as Frollo with the addition of an SS commissar cap. After he fell for one of Fegelein's antics, involving a fake schoolhouse detonated by Fegel-bombs inside it, he wears an eyepatch over his right eye, possibly due to it being hit by something in the explosion.


Frollo and GastonEdit

Hans, unlike most members of Frollo's family, would never harm Frollo and any friend of his, mostly Gaston. He even works with Frollo at some times, such as giving him an aging potion to become old again. When Hitler brainwashes Hans, Hans made Frollo as a major enemy.


Hans Frollo is a loyal servant to Hitler, as he preserved his body over the years, avoiding his death and eventually reanimating him with a cure he suddenly got (if Hitler did die, Hans' only option wouldh've been retrieving him from Hell itself). From Hitler's perspective, however,  Hans is nothing more than a pawn. The scenes where Hans' house explodes while Hitler flies off (to reference the first Pokémon movie) and where Hitler brainwashes Hans (breaking the Frollo family code) display this.


After Hans joins Los no Frollos, he teams up with another sinister scientist, Yzma. Together, they revive Lemongrab and restore Wilford Brimley's powers with their hazardous potions.

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