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Los no Frollos, The Arabian Bros

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Achmed Frollo, Yusuf Gaston, Jafar

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Frollo Misses his Mother

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Frollo Finally Does It



Gwonam is a major character in the infamous game Link: the Faces of Evil and a major villain in The Frollo Show.


Gwonam appears to be the the brains of The Arabian Bros, serving as one of Achmed Frollo's right-hand men. He seems to get excited at major events. Gwonam is an excellent flyer of his magic carpet. Through some flashbacks, he loathes the Americans as much as Achmed Frollo does, explaining his alliance with Achmed.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While he doesn't fight very often unlike Yusuf or Jafar, instead spectating next to Achmed Frollo, Gwonam does display some special abilities. As stated above, Gwonam flies his magic carpet, transporting his brothers (and later other villains) at decent speeds. He can also summon maps out of thin air. In times when he actually fights, Gwonam wields a scimitar and a triple-bladed sword that symbolises his brothers who died in battle. He can also manipulate objects using the gem in his turban.


Gwonam is a Hylian somewhere in his 70s. He has yellow skin and gray hair, eyebrows, mustache, and long beard. Gwonam's attire consists of brown shoes, a purple robe, and a purple turban with a jewel placed on it.


Achmed FrolloEdit

Gwonam shows respect towards the mastermind of The Arabian Bros, serving transportation to him and his brothers.

Yusuf GastonJafar, and UmlautEdit

All of Gwonam's allies treat each other with respect, but their specific relationships remain unknown. Gwonam does get creeped out when Jafar hits on a zombified Panty, though.


Gwonam hates Frollo as much as Achmed and his terrorist brothers do. He seems hesitant to reunite with his clan at first, until he realizes that he can get in common with other villains who share a common cause. Gwonam eventually joins Los no Frollos.

Los no FrollosEdit

Gwonam, through his decisions, decides to join Los no Frollos thanks to Achmed Frollo. Like his roles as the transporter of The Arabian Bros, Gwonam carries a lot of villains with his flying carpet.


  • Ironically, one of Hell's Rurus states the non-use of overly used memes, such as the Zelda CD-I games.
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