Colonel William Guile
Toon Guile
"Happy to oblige you!"


Street Fighter cartoon (1995)



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Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents

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Frollo Finally Does It

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Michael Donovan



Colonel William Guile is a character from the Capcom fighting game franchise Street Fighter, but more idiotic and clumsier, as he is from the animated show adaptation. He appears in The Frollo Show as a major character and former enemy. He also has his own spin-off show, Leet Fighters, where he and his bro Bison do very stupid shit.


Guile is known for being quite dumb, but with a good heart. He gets tricked quite easily because of this, but he has shown to be a capable and noble fighter.

His #1 method to solve problems is to throw Sonic Booms.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

His powers are mostly what you would expect him to have. His trademark Sonic Boom and his Flash Kick. While he is a good fighter, his overall clumsiness has made him lose many fights.

When Frollo, Gaston, Guile, and Bison unite, they can perform the Giga Drill BROker. Frollo and Gaston become the Drill, while Guile and Bison become the shades to hold up the enemy.


Guile has a blond spikey flat top with a tight green singlet, army trousers, black boots and a silver necklace with a dog tag. He has a overall athletic build and blue eyes. He also has eyebrows that always alternate between being blond and black.


M. BisonEdit

Bison is Guile's bro. They both are best friends and do care for each other, but they still bicker like any friends would. 

Frollo and GastonEdit

Guile and Bison were once enemies with Frollo and Gaston, but after Frollo spared their lives, they become friends and team up to fight Batiatus. Guile and Bison then attended their party in Frollo Celebrates his Birthday, however later Guile saved Frollo's life from Scanty and they both team up to fight.

Stocking AnarchyEdit

Guile used to date Stocking in Leet Fighters, and is considered canon in The Frollo Show as Guile did not want to hurt her, though that has not stopped Stocking from hurting him.

Mephiles the DarkEdit

Guile becomes temporary allies with Mephiles after Bison betrayed Guile to do Panty Anarchy. Together, they breeze through the game show to play the games on Yakuza Gaston's smartphone for free. Possibly, Mephiles' motivation of allying with Guile is to have some friends.

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