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In The Frollo Show and Leet Fighters, Gaston has a family consisting of himself and his cousins.

Family DescriptionEdit

All of Gaston's family members resemble Gaston himself, minus the fact of the different language each one speaks and the attire each one wears. Every member of the family is highly egotistical, buff, and caring for their cousins.

Major family membersEdit

Other family membersEdit

Yakuza GastonEdit

Gaston's Japanese cousin, appearing in Conflictive Contest. He runs a smartphone company called Yakuza Cellphones. He wears a pair of sunglasses with round lenses. Yakuza is the person responsible for organizing Gaston's funeral in Frollo Sees Dead People, inviting people with a valid bank account and charging them an entry fee. It's also stated that any owner of his smartphones must pay ¥1500 after a free trial for a smartphone game.



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