Gaston's Pub
Gaston's Pub Outside snow
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Beauty and the Beast (1991)



First Appearance

Frollo Faps to a Firefighters Calendar

Latest Appearance

Frollo Celebrates his Birthday

Gaston's pub is Gaston's place in Beauty and the Beast, acting as a major location in The Frollo Show.


This is the place where the citizens of France come to drink their troubles away, making sense since it's a bar. The place is filled with trophies of various animals, such as bears and bighorn sheep, deer antlers, and Gaston's weapons. On top of the stone fireplace stands a painting of Gaston himself.

In Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents, the pub was trashed by Frollo, angered that Gaston raped Panty, but it rebuilt after those events with no evidence on who rebuilt it. Later, in Frollo Has a Bad Feeling, it serves as the place where Frollo sends out invitations to his birthday party to some of his allies, who get drunk over some beer.

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