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Ib, Irene

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Frollo Has a Bad Feeling

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Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita



Garry is a major character in the freeware horror game Ib. He appears in The Frollo Show as an ally.


Garry is pretty normal as far as characters in The Frollo Show are. He is kind of feminine and reacts to the freaks around him with confusion. Although he acts cowardly, he is willing to step onto the battlefield when time arises.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He is not as powerful as her companion Ib, but is able to hold his own. He uses a lighter, which can bring forth a large stream of fire.


Garry is skinny and tall with pale skin, shaggy light purple hair with black streaks, a dark ripped jacket, a tight green shirt, brown trousers, black shoes and a dark brown belt.



He is a close friend of Ib, and cares deeply for her wellbeing, which can make him scold her when he considers that she goes against people she might not be able to take on. They both know they can count on each other in the field of battle, though.

Ib did not take Garry's death well.

Madotsuki, Yomika, and IreneEdit

Ib is often seen with all three of them, along with Garry. However, she hangs out more with Madotsuki and Yomika.

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