Hermann Fegelein
"Trolling originates from me!"


Downfall, Hitler Rants



Power Level




Bro(s) / Sista(s)

Mephiles the Dark

First Appearance

Frollo Gets Interrupted by Hitler

Latest Appearance

Frollo Finally Does It

Originally Portrayed By

Thomas Kretschmann



Hermann Fegelein is a historical character that appeared in the film Downfall. He is an ally to Frollo in The Frollo Show.


Fegelein is commonly seen with a smirk on his face. He is the king of trolls as he trolls Hitler all the time, considerably making Hitler his worst enemy. Other common victims of his trolling include Hitler's henchmen and Mephiles.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Fegelein is equipped with a variety of trolling gadgets such as a Fegelhose, Fegelbombs, Fegel-laughing gas, shit-in-the-can, and a present containing a boxing glove. He can also fight in hand-to hand combat quite well during the scene where he fought Mephiles as seen in Frollo Has a Bad Feeling.

One of his weapons of choice is a Sniper Rifle which he uses with high proficency. The rifle itself is lethal and is capable of destroying the head of anyone he headshots it with.

Paired with Mephiles, the trolling duo can be exceptionally powerful, as both complement perfectly with each other, leading to powerful trolling combos, such as a complete Sailor Moon set to clad an enemy, or a deadly bullet + Propane Tank combo.


Fegelein has light brown hair and wears a gray Nazi uniform.


Frollo and GastonEdit

Frollo and Gaston both helped out in Frollo Gets Interrupted by Hitler by tricking Frollo's cousin Hans Frollo. Fegelein later helped Frollo fight off Marco Antonio Regil and attended his birthday party.

He is self-proclaimed to be one of Frollo's closest friends.


Fegelein is Hitler's arch-enemy, as he has betrayed Hitler and trolls him constantly. So much, in fact, that Hitler has an organization formed to find and execute the antic master. It also seems that he generally dislikes him, as whenever he thinks he is about to die, he yells: "Fuck Hitler!"

Mephiles the DarkEdit

Fegelein is Mephiles' rival. They both enjoy trolling and they both try to out-troll each other, usually with Fegelein on top. In Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita, they finally overcome their rivalry, and become friends. Their relationship is more solidified in Frollo Finally Does It, and Mephiles affectionately calls him "Fegs".

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