Daten City


Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt



First Appearance

Frollo Strikes Back

Latest Appearance

Frollo Enters a Mexican Contest

Daten City is Panty and Stocking's place of habitence, appearing as a minor location in The Frollo Show.


There's not much to be said about Daten City, but the main attraction of the city is Daten City's Church, where the Anarchy sistas live. In the actual city, nearly all of the places have references to sex everywhere (Peni Station, for example).

Frollo has visited the city twice in Frollo Strikes Back and Frollo Gets AIDS. In the latter episode, it is where Stocking gains a crush on Frollo, but Frollo refuses and flies back to France.

In Leet Fighters, the city plays a much greater role. Guile and M. Bison travel there in the fourth episode, the time where Stocking shows some affection towards Guile. In the next episode, Bison trespasses into the church to spend an afternoon affair with Panty, only ending with Bison sent to the hospital.

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