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Frollo is Too Young

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Frollo Finally Does It



Consome Panchi is a humanoid dog from the Japanese commercial of the same name. He appears at The Frollo Show as an ally.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Consome Panchi laughs at reality's face, as he can transform his face into a baby doll head and can walk on walls and roofs. Along with his greatest power, being able to walk on his hands. Other lesser powers include being able to juggle almost anyone, and shooting doll heads from a huge ear.


Consome Panchi is large with shaggy white fur, long floppy ears, black eyes and nose and of course, a tail.



Consome Panchi comforted Frollo when he was sad by demonstrating his abilities to Frollo's profound amusement. They then did the Bros Pose, and Consome Panchi attended Frollo's birthday party. Easily one of Frollo's closer friends.

Silver the HedgehogEdit

At Frollo's party, Consome Panchi chased a screaming Silver. Silver obviously can't comprehend the epicness of Consome Panchi.

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